Thoughts on Today's Verse...

"Not even a hint!" Hmmmm! Don't you wish it were true? The church I attend and the person I see most often in the mirror don't quite measure up to this directive. If sexual temptation doesn't get us, greed often does. In a culture of conspicuous consumption, greed concerns me more than the immorality and impurity. Not because I am unconcerned with impurity, but because we have become so calloused to our own greed. In this season of giving, let's honestly examine our hearts about our "wanting," "getting," and "possessing."

My Prayer...

Forgive me, generous LORD, for my selfishness and greed. Please give me a heart like yours. You demonstrated that heart when you shared your most precious gift with sinners like me. Now I am a child at your table and an heir of your inheritance. Thank you for your grace! Please, dear Lord, bless me with your Spirit who seeks to bring about a generous and gracious heart within me. In the name of the greatest gift of all, Jesus of Bethlehem, I pray. Amen.

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Today's Verse Illustrated

Inspirational illustration of Ephesians 5:3