Thoughts on Today's Verse...

When we tune our hearts to God's will and we long to honor our Lord, our Father delights in blessing us in mighty ways. So let's first set our hearts to do his will. Then, let's not be afraid to ask God to pour out his blessings on others and also share with the Lord the desires of our heart. Finally, let's not be surprised at the ways he blesses us in response to our prayers!

My Prayer...

O God, please show yourself to be glorious in the ways that you bless me and those that I love. Help all people to know that these blessing do not come by our wisdom, skill, or strength but from your grace. In Jesus' name I ask it. Amen.

The Thoughts and Prayer on Today's Verse are written by Phil Ware. You can email questions or comments to [email protected].

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Today's Verse Illustrated

Inspirational illustration of 1 Chronicles 4:10