Thoughts on Today's Verse...

As many of us leave our season of Thanksgiving and transition into the season of Advent, we remember our greatest reason for giving thanks: Jesus’ coming. After all, Advent means “the coming,” and in particular, the coming of God to earth in Jesus. God loves us so much that he refused to just be God far off from us. He chose to come near to us, and be one of us, in Jesus. God is holy and beyond us (Isaiah 6:1-6), yet he became one of us in Jesus because of his mercy and grace (Isaiah 57:15). In Jesus, God surrendered his divine privileges and humbled himself so we could see both God’s grace and our own path to him in his greatness (Philippians 2:5-11).

My Prayer...

Loving Father, thank you for loving us so much that you joined us in our mortality through Jesus. Thank you, Jesus, for living among us and showing us what God-like living is. Thank you for knowing our struggle with living in human flesh in a broken world. Thank you for defeating death and giving us life with you, forever. Because of Jesus, Father, we will forever want you to know our thanks! Amen.

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Today's Verse Illustrated

Inspirational illustration of Isaiah 57:15