Thoughts on Today's Verse...

When Jesus came, he did come to the nation of Israel, according to the promises made to God's people. He was a proper descendant of King David, the son of Jesse. His birth was prophesied by Jewish prophets and recorded in the Bible of the Israelite people. But no matter how Jewish his origins, Jesus came for all people in fulfillment of Old Testament promises that God would save all nations through Israel and the Jewish Messiah. While David brought Israel great power and notoriety as an awesome warrior and King, Jesus brought the reign of grace to the hearts of millions of Jews and non-Jews by conquering death and bringing true life.

My Prayer...

Father, as this year draws to a close and ethnic and religious emotions are stirred around the world, please bless us with peace. Give us a deep sense of your love and presence. Shepherd us in your grace. At the same time, rekindle in our hearts your desire to bring all people together in peace through salvation in Jesus. Please bless your children throughout the world who are lovingly sharing your gospel to a culture other than their own. Bless them as they are apart from their families. Most of all, bless them with the joy of their desire — using them to lead someone to salvation during this holiday season. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

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Today's Verse Illustrated

Inspirational illustration of Romans 15:12