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Thoughts on Today's Verse...

We have two choices for our lives. Either we can live by faith, or we try to live by sight. We can trust in God's abiding presence and power or depend upon our own resources. However, wealth is like health, status, and reputation; they are all subject to decay, destruction, and disappearance. Only one Source is always there for us. We know we can depend upon God because he has been there for many people of faith in the past, those who have come before us. Never is a long forever! But this never is wonderful and a promise I will cherish forever: "Never will I forsake you!"

My Prayer...

Holy Father, the Great I Am, thank you for being there tomorrow before I arrive. Thank you for being there in my past when all others forsook me. Thank you for being there when I was unaware of your presence until I looked back and saw the evidence of your gracious presence. Please give me the courage to truly believe your promises, especially about always being with me and never forsaking me. Your promise has made "never" a crucial forever word for me today! Thank you. In the name of your loving Son, Jesus, I pray. Amen.

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